72 Facts About Me

Get to know your esthetician better with some rapid-fire questions

1/7/20235 min read

Get to Know Me:
  1. Name?: Victoria Elizabeth

  2. Does my name have a meaning?: My parents have a story behind all their children’s names and mine is twofold: named after royalty (twice) and victory

  3. Do I have a nickname?: I got to pick my nickname at camp and I chose Nash. It stuck because people call me Nash to this day

  4. Height?: 5 feet 11 inches (according to a short nurse)

  5. Where am I a local?: Northeast Ohio, United States

  6. Am I married?: Yes! 7 years and counting

  7. Do I have children?: Yes! Vivian, Alec, and Serena

  8. Do I have siblings?: I have two older sisters, an older brother, and a younger brother

  9. Pet peeves?: When people get their Pet Peeve List mixed up with their Things That Need To Change About Humanity List. I notice a lot and can overlook a lot but things that will never cease to bug me are washed dishes that still aren’t clean, not turning blinkers off after merging, and clutter that returns to my desk despite my best efforts to keep it clean

  10. Future goals?: Home educate my children while simultaneously growing Candid Class into an unstoppable business that changes people’s lives

  11. Favorite food?: Bacon cheeseburger with the works or a fancy pasta dish

  12. Favorite stores?: I love hunting down a bargain at Marshalls/Home Goods

  13. Number of US states visited?: 38

  14. If I weren’t an esthetician, I’d be a: speaker, teacher, or lawyer

  15. Best career advice I’ve been given: Be prepared, but take the leap

  16. Three qualities that got me where I am today: My leadership skills, intense perseverance, and desire to help other people

  17. One change I’d like to see in the beauty industry: Brands innovating new products/campaigns that empower women instead of belittling, objectifying, or scaring them

  18. How I made my first dollar: Chores around the house at 4 years old

  19. Last thing I binge-watched: Expanse

  20. A song that always makes me cry: He Stopped Loving Her Today sung live by Alan Jackson at George Jones’ Funeral

  21. Something surprising on my bucket list: Hire a personal stylist

  22. How my perfect day would begin: Waking rested with a clear plan for the day and no distractions

  23. How my perfect day would end: A long conversation with someone I care about (also magically still getting a full night’s rest)

  24. One thing I’m exceptionally good at: Teaching complex topics in easy-to-understand language

  25. One thing I’m epically bad at: Going to bed on time!

  26. How I clear my mind after a bad day: Wash my face so I can relax and feel fresh, put on my headphones, turn on music that makes me feel things deeply, then express myself by either writing it down or calling a trusted friend

  27. My advice to a woman with a broken heart: Don’t shame yourself for being human

  28. Relationship advice to my younger self: Relax your timeline and keep your standards high

  29. What inspires me: An artist so committed to their work that they draw you into it with them

  30. Biggest accomplishment?: Wife and motherhood are the things that jump to mind first but those are committed roles for life, not accomplishments. Going back to school to get licensed then starting my own business and having it flourish is something I'm very proud of!

  31. Favorite color?: To wear? To decorate with? To eat? This is hard! Ok, I’d pick blue.

  32. Favorite drink?: Cold: something fruity. Warm: hot chocolate

  33. Favorite time of the day?: After kiddo bedtime when the world is quiet

  34. Scared of heights?: I was the girl at the top of the ladder for all painting jobs

  35. More likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?: Used to avoid it because I didn't realize how co-dependant I was, but I've grown tremendously at expressing my needs and wants

  36. Cat or dog person?: Grew up with both. The kids want a bunny

  37. Am I a good cook?: Yes but I never follow the recipe

  38. If I had more courage what would I do differently in my life right now?: Channel main character energy and take more risks

  39. If I could eliminate one limitation or weakness in my life, what would it be?: Ability to be distracted

  40. Best teacher I’ve ever had: Experience

  41. Can I whistle?: I could before braces but now I've lost the ability

  42. Do I remember my dreams?: Only the most ridiculous ones, or ya know, the ones I have for changing the world

  43. Do I sing in the shower?: Probably louder than I think I do

  44. Any birthmarks?: You don’t realize how many you have until your kid starts asking what they are! I have one on my thigh and several beauty marks/freckles on my face

  45. How many pairs of shoes do I own?: Enough

  46. How many days could I last in solitary confinement?: Hahahahaha. None

  47. Any broken bones?: Fractured my right foot in 3 places while playing kick the can (but I won)

  48. Favorite tea flavor?: Peach

  49. Last compliment I received and savored: “You regularly share nuggets of wisdom that make me change the way I see the world and live my life."

  50. What is under my bed?: That noisy vacuum cleaner toy

  51. First thing I do when I get home?: Besides unloading and putting things away, probably go to the bathroom

  52. Thing I like about my home: Lots of natural light and mirrors to enhance it

  53. Perks of my neighborhood: Park and pool within walking distance, and a great library with the BEST librarians

  54. Morning person or night owl?: Night owl

  55. What book am I reading at the moment?: Skin in the Game by Jane Wurwand

  56. Last thing I downloaded on my computer?: Product photos for my website

  57. Best part of my job?: Transforming lives from skin to soul!

  58. Past jobs: Retail, 5 star restaurants, quick service restaurants, speech coach, director

  59. Hardest part of my job?: Comparison

  60. How do I replenish my energy?: Listening to music and hyper-focusing on a task I enjoy

  61. Hardest thing for me to learn: That I’m worth it

  62. Pettiest thing I’ve done to prove a point: Shoveled our snowy driveway while 8 months pregnant

  63. How often do I cook?: Multiple times a day, unless I’m being lazy and serving cereal for dinner

  64. One thing I wish I learned about earlier: The value of counseling

  65. Best Halloween costume?: Abby Sciuto from NCIS

  66. What I do if I can’t fall asleep at night: Turn on a podcast that interests me enough to focus but not enough to stay awake

  67. Am I close to anyone now that I initially disliked?: Yes, my best friend and I couldn’t stand each other when we met

  68. What was my first makeup item?: A turquoise and blue MaryKay eyeshadow duo from my mom because she would never wear it but bought it from my sister to support her business

  69. When did I start wearing makeup?: Maybe 13?

  70. Other interests I have are: podcasts, leadership, public speaking, music, storytelling

  71. Why am I passionate about beauty?: I believe beauty is one of the most important things in the universe. The word beauty has been hijacked by the industry I work in to mean a pleasing arrangement of the "perfect" features of the culture's current preference as a way to guilt you into thinking you are never good enough --all in a ploy to get you to spend more money. I define beauty differently. To me, good things are the definition of beauty. Healthy skin? Good and beautiful. Reconnecting to our bodies? Good and beautiful. Appreciating ourselves and those around us? Good and beautiful. Growing in confidence, free of shame and expectations? Good and very beautiful. If I can help you grow in any of these areas, my good work is accomplished.

  72. Meaning behind my website name: Candid = sincere honesty that is absent of any deception, Class = displaying impressive and stylish excellence.

If you’ve had it through all 72 facts, you deserve a high-five and a hug! Now it's your turn to tell me about you in the comments!